18th November, 2020

Large purchasing organisations are under increasing risk from counterfeit printing supplies

A drop over the last four years in the number of companies working with a trusted primary supplier and a trend of companies basing their buying policy purely on availability, has led to an increased risk for large corporations and government procurement departments of unwittingly purchasing and using counterfeit products, Click for more

29th October, 2020

ICCE working with local law enforcement to protect African consumers from fake goods

Cooperation between ICCE and local law enforcement agencies in east Africa are meeting with success in the battle to remove counterfeit goods from local markets, which impacts local economies, Click for more

9th September, 2020

ICCE responds to European Commission Consultation on the Digital Services Act (DSA)

The Imaging Consumables Coalition of Europe, Middle East & Africa (“ICCE”) has now submitted its response to the European Commission consultation on the proposed Digital Services Act (DSA), Click for more

7th September, 2020

European Commission’s consultation on the Digital Services Act package – ICCE position paper, 7 September 2020

The Imaging Consumables Coalition of Europe, Middle East and Africa (ICCE) welcomes the opportunity to respond to the European Commission’s public consultation on the Digital Services Act (DSA) package., Click for more

19 August, 2020

Brother fights counterfeits in Europe

Towards the end of 2019, Brother received several customer complaints and negative reviews on its products sold on marketplace giant Amazon. After months of conducting investigations, Brother discovered a network of counterfeit sellers that led to a highly successful raid operation in conjunction with German authorities in Berlin. , Click for more

31st July, 2020

ICCE urges focus on counterfeit goods as UK announces border checks measures for BREXIT

The Imaging Consumables Coalition of Europe, Middle East and Africa (ICCE) welcomes the UK Government’s recent commitment to spend £705 million on border control infrastructure, in preparation for the UK leaving the European customs union and single market, and urges the Government to set aside some of these funds to support efforts to crack down on the importation and supply of counterfeit, unsafe or illegal products and on smuggling., Click for more

6th July, 2020

Media Release: ICCE publishes its recommendations for US-UK Free Trade Agreement

The Imaging Consumables Coalition of Europe, Middle East and Africa (ICCE) today calls for a future US-UK Free Trade Agreement to include specific measures to protect consumers and manufacturers from illegal counterfeit imaging supplies. , Click for more

6th July, 2020

Position Paper: Anti-counterfeit organisation ICCE sets out its position on the US-UK Trade Agreement

As the United States and the United Kingdom have formally started negotiations on a free trade agreement, ICCE shares its recommendations for a U.S.-UK Trade Agreement that addresses Intellectual Property (IP) and e-commerce rules, Click for more

13th May, 2020

Media Release

The Imaging Consumables Coalition of Europe, Middle East and Africa (ICCE), a trade body representing the imaging supplies industry, today announced its position on the upcoming Digital Services Act (DSA) before the European Commission officially launches the formal consultation process, Click for more

13th May, 2020

Anti-counterfeit organisation ICCE sets out its position on upcoming Digital Services Act (DSA)

The DSA provides a unique opportunity to adapt the current regulatory framework to the challenges that consumers and ICCE members face in the online environment, Click for more

1st May, 2020

Epson fights back against counterfeits with the help of Turkish authorities

At the end of 2019 Epson responded to customer complaints about the presence of counterfeit inks with a joint raid alongside the Turkish police. The highly successful operation netted thousands of counterfeit items, Click for more

21st April, 2020

Coronavirus may be increasing the danger of buying counterfeit printer supplies online

The coronavirus pandemic and resulting lockdown in many countries has forced people to change the way they live and work. Working from home and parents home-schooling their children mean people are likely to be using home printers much more than usual, Click for more

18th February, 2020

ICCE: Another year on the global counterfeiting front line (2019 review)

Standing up to the continuous flow of counterfeit printer supplies, many of which are cheap, poorly made and often dangerous, must seem a difficult, and, at times, a lonely task for those frontline customs officials and law enforcement officers, Click for more

10th February, 2020

ICCE and TRACIT partner in the fight against illicit trade

The Imaging Consumables Coalition of Europe, Middle East and Africa (ICCE) has joined the Transnational Alliance to Combat Illicit Trade (TRACIT) network of Alliance Partners, sending a strong signal that the imaging products industry is stepping up the fight against counterfeit printer cartridges and other imaging products, Click for more

10th December, 2019

ICCE partnerships with OKI Europe to fight counterfeit printer supplies in Turkey

ICCE industry partnerships and shared market intelligence are supporting a major fightback against the €1.6bn market of counterfeit imaging products, with OKI Europe confirming a crackdown on counterfeit operations that has led to a string of seizures, Click for more

4th December, 2019

ICCE delegates fly with the Hawks at international IP conference in South Africa

Using technology to inform the public about the dangers of fake goods and support investigations against counterfeiters was a central theme at this year’s Interpol Intellectual Property Crime Conference in South Africa, Click for more

22nd November, 2019

Criminal gangs pray on innocent consumers on Black Friday

November 29th will be marked in the diaries of retailers and shoppers alike as Black Friday, the growing phenomenon being driven by the discounts on offer, Click for more

10th September, 2019

Imaging consumables industry groups work together to defeat fake products online

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) puts the value of imported fake goods worldwide based on 2016 customs seizure data at USD 509 billion, up from USD 461 billion in 2013 (2.5% of world trade), Click for more

5th July, 2019

ICCE launches Russian language video at St Petersburg anti-counterfeiting event

ICCE, the Imaging Consumables Coalition of Europe, Middle East and Africa, is launching a subtitled video to help Russian law enforcement officers in their fight against counterfeiting gangs, Click for more

31st March, 2019

ICCE supports the frontline in Israel against counterfeit and organised crime

Anti-counterfeiting experts including ICCE members are helping Israel’s customs officials to disrupt the flow of fake goods that funds serious organised crime in the country, Click for more

15th February, 2019

ICCE continues its fight against counterfeiting after a successful anniversary year

Anti-counterfeiting experts including ICCE members are helping Israel’s customs officials to disrupt the flow of fake goods that funds serious organised crime in the country, Click for more

3rd February, 2019

ICCE members to support frontline customs officers in Egypt's battle against counterfeiters

Anti-counterfeiting experts are running training days for customs officials in Egypt, which joined the top ten countries of origin for counterfeit goods in 2013, according to the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development), Click for more

6th November, 2018

Finding Fakes: ICCE features in Dealer Support Magazine following launch of Factsheet

As the year in which ICCE marked its 20th anniversary draws to a close, the organisation is stepping up its support for the resellers of imaging supplies, with the launch of a new factsheet which helps them identify counterfeit consumables, Click for more

4th July, 2018

PIPCU appeal to brands for further collaboration to protect consumers from counterfeiting

The new head of the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU), Detective Chief Inspector Teresa Russell, has sought to reassure businesses that the force is keen to further enhance collaboration with industry, Click for more

25th June, 2018

The journey of anti-counterfeiting: an interview with Chris Vansteenkiste, Europol

Counterfeiting is a global problem that transcends borders and has serious implications for citizens, business and governments at a national level. International agencies such as Europol are able to provide a more effective global oversight, Click for more

26th April, 2018

ICCE celebrates people on the front line fighting the sale of counterfeit goods on World IP Day

The Imaging Consumables Coalition of Europe, Middle East and Africa (ICCE) takes pride in the work it does around the world to protect consumers and reduce the sale of counterfeit goods, Click for more

11th March, 2018

ICCE launches Arabic version video and rolls out law enforcement training across the UAE

Between Sunday 11 March and Wednesday 21 March 2018 a number of ICCE (Imaging Consumables Coalition of Europe, Middle East and Africa) members are involved in the roll out of an extensive training and education programme, Click for more

14th February, 2018

Working towards eradicating counterfeit imaging consumables in 2017

Celebrating its 20th anniversary in September, ICCE successfully continued to raise awareness of counterfeit imaging supplies, educate law enforcement officials, help coordinate actions and bring criminals to justice, Click for more

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