Watch the above video explaining how ICCE works with Law Enforcement around the world.

How does ICCE work with Law Enforcement?

ICCE has developed dedicated frameworks for identifying the illegal chains of supply. The goal is to disrupt the criminal elements of the business and drive them out of the supply chain.

We are working together with REACT, ACG and WCO (World Customs Organization) to train customs across Europe, the Middle East and Africa to intercept the counterfeit consumables at border controls.

ICCE members continue to build relationships with police and other bodies involved in the enforcement of intellectual property rights.

Useful Information

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Success Stories

Raids seize thousands of counterfeit toners across Ajman and Dubai

The Economic Development Departments of Dubai and Ajman conducted widespread raids against one of the biggest importers and wholesalers of printing consumables in the UAE, resulting in the seizure of thousands of counterfeit imaging supplies, Click for more

Two jailed for €25,000 counterfeit imaging supply find

Two traders have been jailed for 21 months each in connection with the seizure of counterfeit printer cartridges with a street value of EURO 25,000. Both defendants were found guilty of forgery and counterfeiting by the Appeal Court of Athens in Greece, Click for more

ICCE led seizures result in approximately 2 million Euros of counterfeit printer consumables being uncovered in Turkey

The raids, conducted at the end of September 2017 in conjunction with Turkish Police Security Department and ICCE members’ lawyers, led to seizures of 98,000 pieces of counterfeit finished product, counterfeit packaging, counterfeit holograms and associated counterfeit printer consumable material with an estimated value of approximately €2,000,000, Click for more

Anti-Counterfeit Technologies

 A number of our members have developed authentication devices and systems that allow the consumer to check if the product may be counterfeit. To find out more, please click the relevant brand name below:

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