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The Imaging Consumables Coalition of Europe, Middle East and Africa (ICCE) is a non-profit making association with nine members and multiple brands: Brother, Canon, Epson, HP Inc, Kyocera, Lexmark, Printronix, Ricoh and Xerox.

ICCE was formed in 1997 as a direct response to the increase in counterfeit imaging consumables across the regions of Europe, Middle East and Africa. Imaging consumables include such products as toner and ink cartridges and ribbons.

Initially created as an industry association with a focus on education, lobbying, information exchange and awareness, it has since developed to include coordinating the role of receiving and processing intelligence information on counterfeiters, ​and initiating joint industry raids and enforcement activities and helping its members to targeting of counterfeiters through the criminal and civil courts.

ICCE works closely with its sister organisation in the United States, the ISC (Imaging Supplies Coalition). For more information about ISC’s members and their activities please go to their website www.isc-inc.org.

The imaging consumables industry is currently threatened by a €1.6 billion market in counterfeit imaging supplies which are often dangerous, environmentally unfriendly and which cheat consumers of the quality they are entitled to expect from branded consumables.

Legitimate manufacturers are increasingly embroiled in legal actions against manufacturers and distributors/resellers of these fraudulent imaging supplies.

More than 100,000 jobs in Europe depend on the imaging supplies industry and as counterfeits use economic volatility and low price to increase their customer base; those jobs are increasingly under threat.

Counterfeit Ink Cartridges

Always be vigilant and consider the possibility of counterfeit cartridges. If there is any doubt, check directly with the manufacturer or contact ICCE to report your suspicions.

Remember: if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. We would always advise to be very careful when buying from anyone who is not your standard supplier or when you are being offered reduced price products

Success Stories

Epson fights back again counterfeits with the help of Turkish authorities

At the end of 2019 Epson responded to customer complaints about the presence of counterfeit inks with a joint raid alongside the Turkish police. The highly successful operation netted thousands of counterfeit items, Click for more

Raids seize thousands of counterfeit toners across Ajman and Dubai

The Economic Development Departments of Dubai and Ajman conducted widespread raids against one of the biggest importers and wholesalers of printing consumables in the UAE, resulting in the seizure of thousands of counterfeit imaging supplies, Click for more

Two jailed for €25,000 counterfeit imaging supply find

Two traders have been jailed for 21 months each in connection with the seizure of counterfeit printer cartridges with a street value of EURO 25,000. Both defendants were found guilty of forgery and counterfeiting by the Appeal Court of Athens in Greece, Click for more

ICCE led seizures result in approximately 2 million Euros of counterfeit printer consumables being uncovered in Turkey

The raids, conducted at the end of September 2017 in conjunction with Turkish Police Security Department and ICCE members’ lawyers, led to seizures of 98,000 pieces of counterfeit finished product, counterfeit packaging, counterfeit holograms and associated counterfeit printer consumable material with an estimated value of approximately €2,000,000, Click for more


To find out about individual members please click on the relevant logo below. This will connect you with their official website.

To contact a member please email ICCE with your request

ICCE members act according to a strict code of conduct regarding competition. Members therefore do not enter into any discussions, activities or other behaviour that may infringe any applicable competition laws. This principle applies not only to discussions in formal meetings but also to informal discussions before or after meetings. 

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