Companies run the risk of damaging equipment and their organisation’s reputation when using counterfeit printer supplies such as toners, cartridges and ribbons.

Micro businesses and home workers
There are thousands of micro businesses across the country and an increasing number of people working from home. Often purchases are made in small quantities and the best way to protect yourself is to follow some basic rules:
Buy from reputable channels only.
Be especially cautious when purchasing over the Internet and  special offers from unknown vendors.
When you receive the products, check them for authenticity Most ICCE members use authentication labels including holograms and on-line verification codes to assist consumers authenticate their product.
If you think there is a problem or you have suspicions, report it to ICCE or the OEM directly.
Remember, if the price is too good to be true, it often is.
Larger organisations tend to buy in greater quantities and therefore have more formal arrangements such as tenders and contracting processes in place. The principles that apply to small businesses and homeworkers above can also be employed for larger organisations and government procurement. However, there are additional precautions that can be taken:
Ensure that any tender documents or contracts with your suppliers stipulate:
Exactly which product and brand you are purchasing and that they have to be ‘original’.
Certification from the vendor that all delivered items are ‘genuine’.
That any counterfeit products found in any consignment will be formally reported to enforcement authorities.
No substitution to be allowed unless prior agreement has been sought from you, the customer.
Confirmation from the OEM to say that the supplier is a reputable vendor of original product.

If you believe a shipment contains some counterfeits, request a customer delivery inspection by the OEM. Some ICCE members offer free inspections.

How to identify a counterfeit
Check the product and packaging

Check the product and packaging
Is it identical to the branded goods you have used before? Does the toner or ink cartridge deliver the same level of performance and print quality you are used to from branded products? Do you get Error messages on your printer, unnecessary paper jams or leakage inside your printer? If you have any suspicions, contact ICCE or the OEM directly.

Check the price
If the price is significantly lower than what you might usually pay for a genuine consumable, then you could be dealing with counterfeit products.

Check the source
Genuine imaging supplies are sold only through reputable vedors, either through their premises or on-line. You can check the authenticity of these outlets on the original manufacturer’s websites.

Authenticate your product or report suspicions to the OEM

Help! I think I’ve bought a counterfeit!

If you have any suspicions about the source, price or quality of the imaging supplies you intend to purchase – or may have purchased – then report your suspicions to ICCE

We’ll liaise with the appropriate manufacturer (OEM) and our intelligence network to help validate your claim and, if appropriate, begin legal proceedings against the supplier.

A number of our members have developed authentication devices and systems that allow the consumer to check if the product may be counterfeit. To find out more, or to report your suspicions directly to the OEM, please click the relevant brand name below:

Request a free inspection visit (large orders)