Well-known brands are always targets for counterfeiters!

You only have to go as far as the beaches or busy street corners of continental Europe to find traders offering bags, sunglasses, DVDs and watches which look as good as the genuine article – but at a fraction of the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) cost. It might seem tempting and a bit of harmless fun while you’re on holiday, but it’s still illegal. 

Similar to these simple examples, the imaging supplies industry needs to protect its consumers from counterfeits. This protection is  also essential for ensuring the survival of advanced technologies and further evolution. Distributing and selling counterfeit goods is a criminal offence. 

So what can you do? Above all, be vigilant.

How to identify a counterfeit

Check the product and packaging

Is it identical to the branded goods you have used before? Does the toner or ink cartridge deliver the same level of performance and print quality you are used to from branded products? Do you get Error messages on your printer, unnecessary paper jams or leakage inside your printer? 

Check the price

If the price is significantly lower than what you might usually pay for a genuine consumable, then you could be dealing with counterfeit products.

Check the source

Genuine imaging supplies are sold only through authorised resellers, either through their premises or on-line. You can check the authenticity of these outlets on the original manufacturer’s websites. 

Help! I think I’ve bought a counterfeit cartridge!

If you have any suspicions about the source, price or quality of the imaging supplies you intend to purchase – or may have purchased – then contact ICCE.

We’ll liaise with the appropriate manufacturer (OEM) and our intelligence network to help validate your claim and, if appropriate, begin legal proceedings against the supplier.

Authenticate your product

A number of our members have developed authentication devices and systems that allow the consumer to check if the product may be counterfeit. To find out more, please click the relevant brand name below:

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