ICCE applauds Amazon taking action against fake customer reviews

ICCE applauds Amazon taking action against fake customer reviews

Fake customer reviews can mislead consumers into buying poor quality and even counterfeit products. ICCE applauds Amazon for taking action against fake reviews, which can also help to shield online shoppers from counterfeit products.

Major online retailer Amazon has just shared details of its actions against fake customer reviews posted on its platforms, also calling for greater collaboration between the private and public sectors to better protect consumers.

Fake reviews can harm customers by misleading them into purchasing poor quality or even counterfeit products. Protecting customers and honest vendors from counterfeiting is a key objective of ICCE and its members. Consequently, ICCE very much welcomes Amazon’s measures against fake customer reviews.

For many online shoppers, reviews from other customers can be an important part of their purchase decision. Leading online marketplace Amazon, which launched customer reviews on its site back in 1995, has received nearly 1.5 billion reviews and ratings for its stores in the last year alone.

Unfortunately, not all of these reviews can be trusted, and some may intentionally mislead customers. Research by the UK consumer group Which? suggests that such fake reviews can pose a real risk to shoppers – leading them into unknowingly buying poor quality or even counterfeit products.1

Amazon continues to protect its stores from fake reviews

Online marketplace Amazon has published an in-depth article in mid-June detailing its view on fake reviews and actions it takes to combat them. According to the article, the company invests significant resources to proactively stop fake reviews. As a result, it has blocked over 200 million suspected fake reviews from its stores in 2022. Amazon also plans to continue developing sophisticated tools that protect customers from bad actors.

Amazon welcomes authentic reviews – whether positive or negative – but strictly prohibits fake reviews that intentionally mislead customers by providing information that is not impartial, authentic, or intended for that product or service. We invest significant resources to proactively stop fake reviews.
Amazon, ‘A blueprint for private and public sector partnership to stop fake reviews

To curtail fake reviews, Amazon also supports a greater collaboration across the private and public sector. Read Amazon’s recent article ‘A blueprint for private and public sector partnership to stop fake reviews’ to learn more about the actions that Amazon takes against fake reviews and the new steps they are considering.

ICCE appreciates effective cooperation with Amazon

ICCE greatly appreciates Amazon’s support and commitment to protecting consumers and businesses alike from counterfeiting. Earlier this year, ICCE member Brother had already teamed up with Amazon in a joint legal action against a major counterfeiting organisation operating out of Germany. This successful collaboration demonstrates the benefits of brands and online marketplaces working together to combat counterfeiting. ICCE and its members look forward to more joint initiatives in the future.

Counterfeit printing supplies, such as toner cartridges, ink cartridges, and printer ribbons, can pose a real threat to consumers. They can cause poor-quality printouts and even damage a printing device. ICCE members regularly work with numerous online marketplaces in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa to take down illegal online offers. In addition, ICCE members cooperate with law enforcement agencies to remove counterfeit imaging supplies before they can be sold to end users. These joint actions regularly result in massive enforcement actions and seizures of counterfeit imaging supplies by local authorities.

To steer clear of counterfeit imaging consumables, ICCE recommends buying only from trusted vendors and avoiding too-good-to-be-true offers. When shopping online, please be aware of additional tips and important red flags for suspicious online offers.

About ICCE

The Imaging Consumables Coalition of Europe, Middle East, and Africa (ICCE) was formed in 1997 as a direct response to the increase in counterfeit imaging consumables across the regions of Europe, Middle East, and Africa. Imaging consumables include such products as toners, ink cartridges and ribbons. Initially created as an industry association with a focus on education, lobbying, information exchange, and awareness, it has since developed to include coordinating the role of receiving and processing intelligence information on counterfeiters, initiating joint industry raids and enforcement activities, and helping its members to target counterfeiters through the criminal and civil courts.

Members of the organisation include some of the world’s leading imaging and printing companies: Brother, Canon, Epson, HP Inc, Kyocera, Lexmark, Ricoh, and Xerox.